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Development of Magnesium Thermal Storage Brick and Electric Thermal Energy Storage Device

2020-12-24 09:22:49

Development of Magnesium Thermal Storage Brick and Electric Thermal Energy Storage Device

Using the high heat capacity characteristics of magnesia thermal storage bricks to design and build electric thermal energy storage devices is a more economical technical facility used to level the electrical load. Magnesia chrome brick price electric heating energy storage device uses refractory energy storage. In fact, refractory products with large heat storage capacity are used as energy storage elements. The device shell uses light refractory materials to enhance heat insulation. Converter Magnesia Carbon Brick

The operation process of the electric thermal energy storage device is: when the power demand at night is minimum, the thermal storage brick is heated to 800 ℃ through the resistance heating system, and the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy for storage. During the daytime peak power consumption period, air is fed into the energy storage device through the air supply system, and the temperature is adjusted to supply hot air to users, thereby avoiding users from using electricity for heating during peak load periods and reducing peak power load.


The refractory used in the electric energy storage device must have a high heat capacity, which depends on its heat capacity and bulk density. Secondly, in order to quickly heat the energy storage device to release and store energy, it is required that the refractory material used in the electrothermal energy storage device should have high thermal conductivity. In addition, the lifespan of electrothermal energy storage devices is often more than 30 years, with thousands of cooling cycles. Therefore, it is required that the refractory materials used to construct electrothermal energy storage devices should have high thermal shock resistance, that is, should have a long thermal fatigue life. Performance

Thermal storage brick

Refractory materials used in electric energy storage devices can be viewed as linear elastic bodies. In linear elastic fracture mechanics, the fatigue temperature difference of a crack under fatigue load is small, and its service life is long.

The MgO/MgO-FeOn energy storage element for electric energy storage belongs to the MgO-FeOn system, in which the Fe3+/Fe2+ ratio is not only controlled by the atmosphere PO2, but also related to the temperature of the environment. There are two phase regions related to magnesia refractories, namely (MgO, FeO) ss region and (MgO, FeO) + spinel solid solution coexistence region. When the temperature increases, MgO ·Fe2O3 gradually decomposes, its quantity gradually decreases, and (MgO, FeO)ss gradually increases.



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