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The role of fused bricks in glass furnace

2021-01-12 15:38:33

1. Appearance quality. The corner bricks, kiln cut bricks, bubble bricks, and liquid hole bricks of the magnesia-aluminum spinel brick pool wall are generally 41#. The assembly gap with the neighboring bricks must be strictly required, and the gap will speed up the glass solution For the scouring of bricks, the assembly gap should not be greater than 0.5mm. Shrinkage holes are not allowed at the bottom of the bricks. The surface pores larger than ¢2mm are not allowed to exceed twelve per cubic meter. The color of the brick body is yellowish, bubbling, No cracks are allowed in the flowing liquid hole bricks, and no defects are allowed within 300mm of the top of the pool wall part. These requirements are very critical, and failure to do so will affect the service life of bricks. Converter Magnesia Carbon Brick

Magnesia chrome brick use

2. Intrinsic quality: 1. Determine the impurities in the fused brick from the color of the brick body, or determine whether the carbon content is large, and the color of the brick body with a large carbon content is blue. The strict use of this kind of brick will reduce the service life of the kiln. 2. There is a lumpish blue phenomenon on the surface of the brick body, it is very likely that there are iron blocks inside. The iron blocks come from the part of the iron brazing part falling off during the flat material or exhaust during the production process, and other factors. This imaginary brick is also to be used. 3. The glass phase ratio should be strictly checked. When the glass phase exceeds the standard, the large amount of glass phase precipitation at high temperature will reduce the service life of the furnace and contaminate the glass melt.


3. The above briefly explain a few key points, and there are many factors that need to be paid attention to. In fact, some problems will be encountered during the use of the glass furnace. These problems will have a large component in the quality of bricks, so when purchasing fused bricks It is necessary to understand the knowledge of fused bricks.



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