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How to use the oxygen blowing tube

2021-01-12 15:59:14

The use of oxygen blowpipe includes two aspects, one is to ensure the safe use of the equipment, and the other is the correct operation. The price of magnesia chrome bricks. So what should we pay attention to when using these two aspects? Ladle magnesia carbon brick

1. Safe use

1. The role of the oxygen blowing tube is a tube used to transmit oxygen. Of course, it not only transmits oxygen, but also transmits some other gases or powder formulations for different production requirements.

2. Check whether the oxygen blowing tube is broken during use, and replace it in time to avoid accidents caused by material leakage.

3. If the adhesion with the oxygen blowing gun is not good, it is easy to cause backfire, so we should ensure that its tightness is good.


2. Correct operation

1. Because the industries that use the oxygen blowing tube are in some high-temperature production environments, it must be operated correctly when using it. First of all, we must ensure our own safety, which is the top priority of all enterprises. In use, because the temperature in the furnace is too high, if you are not careful, it is likely to cause some unnecessary accidents. Therefore, you must master the time and distance, and send it in as soon as possible in the shortest possible time to ensure work efficiency.

2. Because the oxygen blowing tube can also remove residual materials and slag in the furnace, please pay attention to it when using it. Do not directly touch the removed product, so as to avoid the residual temperature of the residual product and burn yourself.



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