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Heating equipment for coated oxygen blowing tube

2021-01-12 16:00:21

Everyone knows that the application of the coated oxygen blowpipe in life is well known. It is so widely used, of course, it is inseparable from its processing technology. Liaoning magnesia chrome bricks have equipment for processing Which do you know? Let's take a look at it together: Ladle Magnesia Carbon Brick

The coated oxygen blowing tube is heated before piercing or rolling. The distribution form in the furnace can heat the tube billet on three sides, and the heating temperature is uniform, so as to meet the temperature requirements of rolling a uniform wall thickness coating oxygen blow tube; at the same time, the ring furnace can heat the round billet without difficulty, so the tube rolling mill is generally used The ring furnace heats billets or ingots for tube rolling.


Coated oxygen blowing tube walking type furnace is a kind of furnace that moves the coated oxygen blowing tube in the furnace step by step by moving the walking beam up, forward, down and back. It is used to heat the coated oxygen lance before sizing, reducing or expanding, and it is also used for the heat treatment of the coated oxygen lance. The furnace is equipped with a zigzag fixed beam and a walking beam, and each slot is placed with a seamless oxygen blowing tube. Each stepping action causes the coated oxygen blowing tube to advance by a pitch, using the unequal tooth pitch and step pitch The coated oxygen blowing tube can be rolled to a certain angle on the tooth surface to make the heating uniform. Coated oxygen blowing tube walking furnace generally adopts side feeding and side discharging methods. The feeding side and discharging side of the furnace each have a row of cantilever rollers for charging and discharging.

The development of science and technology has promoted the development of coated oxygen lances to move to the coastal area. The unique processing technology of coated oxygen lances is inseparable from its processing equipment. I believe that if this development continues, the coated oxygen lance must be Will be used more and more widely.



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